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Free and Simple Fountain of Youth

We all want to remain young, and live a long, healthy life. Companies have been trying to find the answer to this in a pill, food, drink or device that they can sell to you. Unfortunately, the real fountain of youth is not something that can be sold. It is a simple change in how you live that keeps your body healthier longer. Let me explain.

Our original ancestors did not have access to an unlimited supply of food like we do. There were no grocery stores, corner stores, restaurants or bakeries. They had to go hunt for animals and gather fruits, vegetables and herbs. This meant that if they did not kill an animal or find something edible in their wandering around, they didn’t eat. Our bodies are built to handle this. Feast and famine is not just okay with our bodies though — it is what our bodies like. Before you move off the grid and start living a hunter/gatherer lifestyle, think about how simply we could apply this in our lives.

Once a week or just once in a while,┬áit is okay to not eat at all and fast, having only water all day. Other days it would be good to just have some berries and a salad as your entire nutrition for the day, while other days it is okay to “pig out” and eat three big meals with snacks in between. But living the current lifestyle of never fasting, must have breakfast, must not skip a meal, needing snacks in between meals does not give our bodies a chance to “reset” and keep us healthy. Our access to so much food has become a bad thing.

The concept of occasional fasting and eating in a feast or famine fashion is known as caloric restriction. Numerous studies have found that people who live a caloric restricted lifestyle live longer. Hence why I say it’s the free and simple fountain of youth.

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