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Insider Secret: The Only 4 Healthy Sources Of Minerals

About 57% of Americans take some vitamins or a supplement according to the CDC. That is good because our foods are lacking in nutrients. Unfortunately, most people take a mineral supplement that gives them little to no bang for their buck. There are numerous issues with mineral supplements: • Multivitamins may not contain the required amount of needed macrominerals such as magnesium ... Read More »

Feel Better With Just One Mineral

Studies have shown the wide array of amazing health benefits of this mineral. As expected, because it is a mineral, supplementation with it significantly increases bone mineral content. The Center for Disease Control found that people with a high intake of this mineral tend not to have metabolic syndrome—the risk factors for obesity, hypertension, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. ... Read More »

The Easiest And Fastest Way To Lose Weight

Forget surgery, pills, counting calories and low carb diets. Here’s how the pros lose weight fast and keep it off for life: fasting. No, I don’t mean 40 days and 40 nights like Jesus. I just mean not eating for a short period of time – anytime from a couple hours to a day. That’s it. First, you have to ... Read More »

The Real Problem With Wheat: Beyond Gluten

Wheat allergies and gluten intolerance are becoming more common in our modern society. Many people ask, “Why is this happening?” The answer has been purposely hidden all this time. But I’ve found it. It’s not because wheat is genetically modified, though a lot of people suspect that, and I did too until I found this information. A few days before harvesting ... Read More »

Don’t Buy Organic Produce Before You Read This

Organic fruits and vegetables are the new craze. Problem is, hardly anyone knows if they are worth it because there are few facts that aren’t commonly known. Fact #1: Organic produce does NOT mean free of chemicals like pesticides or herbicides. Organic just means natural, so natural pesticides and herbicides can be used on certified organic produce. But natural does not ... Read More »

Chemo Secrets: 3 Easy Ways To Make Chemo Less Damaging

Chemotherapy is poison. Your oncologist is essentially trying to kill the cancer cells with chemo before the chemo kills all the rest of cells in the body, and thereby kills you! With that in mind, as soon as you receive a chemotherapy treatment, your mission is to flush the poison out your body as quickly as possible. Once chemo is inside you, ... Read More »

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