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3 Secrets Of Making Probiotics Most Effective

Probiotics are by far the cheapest and easiest way to prevents colds, flus and other common illnesses…if used correctly. Unfortunately though, most people use them incorrectly.  Don’t waste your money on probiotics; learn how to use them correctly so they work as effectively as possible.

To understand how to use probiotics correctly, you must first get how they work. Probiotics are good bacteria that crowd out the bad bacteria, viruses and yeast by using up all the food and space so the bad guys have no room to grow. They mainly live in the gut or intestines. In order to get there, they have to travel through the stomach. If you’ve recently eaten something, your stomach has enzymes and acid in it that it’s using to break down your food. These enzymes and acid will break down your probiotic capsule in the stomach where the good bacteria from the capsule will mix in with your food. You don’t want that cause then the good bacteria may be killed by the acid, broken down by the enzymes and just passed out with the remains of the food headed down to the anus!

Follow these 3 rules to make your probiotics work:

  1. Take probiotic capsules when you have a completely empty stomach. That way, they can make it through the stomach with no danger from acid, enzymes or food and get all the way to the gut, where they will “move in” and leave no room for the bad guys who can make you sick. Therefore the best time to take a probiotic capsule is first thing in the morning, as soon as you wake up so it’s way before you eat anything.
  2. Take it with cold or room temperature liquid, never hot since the hot liquid can start to dissolve the capsule.
  3. Afterward don’t eat anything for at least half hour if you can. That gives the good bacteria time to get down into the gut before you put anything in your stomach.

Probiotics included in other supplements that you take with a meal won’t be as effective. So buy probiotics alone – not as part of a blend. Here’s one I use: Probiotic 10.

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