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High Cholesterol Is Good Not Bad

Yes you read that correctly. So why then would your doctor put you on a statin drug like Lipitor or Crestor when your cholesterol levels are high? Because that’s what they’ve been taught to do. Don’t get mad at your doctor though. It’s not his or her fault. what you’re about to read isn’t well known yet by doctors unfortunately.

Several studies have proven that in the elderly those with higher cholesterol levels tend to live longer than those with lower cholesterol levels. Studies on cholesterol haven’t just been done in nursing homes though. Studies in the general population have found that high cholesterol alone doesn’t predict the occurence of heart attacks or strokes. High cholesterol on it’s own is meaningless.

There are other tests that do fairly accurately predict risk for heart attack and stroke. Some of these tests include vLDL and sdLDL. If you have high levels of these and other tests, then there is reason for concern. But even that doesn’t warrant taking dangerous statin drugs like Lipitor or Crestor. There are natural ways to safely lower high vLDL and sdLDL without side effects.

The biggest problem with statin medications like Lipitor and Crestor are that they damage muscle tissue. This usually starts out as muscle pain but eventually leads to muscle breakdown that can get to the point of paralysis then death.

If you don’t believe me and are deadset on taking your cholesterol medication, please always take Coenzyme Q10 along with it. This can be bought for a few dollars at any pharmacy, grocery store or vitamin store. It is just a naturally occuring substance in our bodies that is needed for proper muscle and heart function. Cholesterol lowering medications all dangerously deplete the body of Coenzyme Q10, also known as CoQ10, hence the muscle damage that these drugs cause.

Again, I urge you to get tested for the correct types of cholesterol tests, consult with me if you’re not sure which blood tests are right for your specific condition, lower your cholesterol naturally and safely, and if you insist on taking cholesterol lowering medication, ALWAYS take them with CoQ10.

To lower cholesterol levels naturally, without medication, follow this guide.

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