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All Supermarket Foods Are Toxic

I’m not just talking about the stuff you know that’s really unhealthy – I’m talking about almost EVERYTHING. Fruits, vegetables, meats, pasta, flour, breads, crackers, cheeses, milk, eggs, chips, cookies, candies, cakes…I really mean everything. Fruits and vegetables are soaked in toxic pesticides and herbicides. If you buy the ones that are already cut up you, they are also sprayed ... Read More »

Insider Secret: The Only 4 Healthy Sources Of Minerals

About 57% of Americans take some vitamins or a supplement according to the CDC. That is good because our foods are lacking in nutrients. Unfortunately, most people take a mineral supplement that gives them little to no bang for their buck. There are numerous issues with mineral supplements: • Multivitamins may not contain the required amount of needed macrominerals such as magnesium ... Read More »

Don’t Buy Organic Produce Before You Read This

Organic fruits and vegetables are the new craze. Problem is, hardly anyone knows if they are worth it because there are few facts that aren’t commonly known. Fact #1: Organic produce does NOT mean free of chemicals like pesticides or herbicides. Organic just means natural, so natural pesticides and herbicides can be used on certified organic produce. But natural does not ... Read More »

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