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Don’t Buy Organic Produce Before You Read This

Organic fruits and vegetables are the new craze. Problem is, hardly anyone knows if they are worth it because there are few facts that aren’t commonly known.

Fact #1: Organic produce does NOT mean free of chemicals like pesticides or herbicides. Organic just means natural, so natural pesticides and herbicides can be used on certified organic produce. But natural does not necessarily mean healthy or non toxic. It simply means that the poison exists in nature somewhere…that’s it. It is still poisonous though.

Fact #2: Not all fruits and vegetables labeled as organic were actually certified as organic. The USDA (US Department of Agriculture) has reported that more organic produce is sold in the US every year than the amount that is actually certified. So if you buy organic produce, it may not actually be certified organic.

If you are interested in eating healthier fruits and vegetables, look for pesticide-free and chemical-free farms in your area that deliver, you can pick up from or that sell at your local farmer’s markets. There are even some farms that ship their produce. Some websites like localharvest.org list pesticide-free farms. And of course, consider growing some pesticide-free produce of your own if you can!

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