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All Supermarket Foods Are Toxic

I’m not just talking about the stuff you know that’s really unhealthy – I’m talking about almost EVERYTHING. Fruits, vegetables, meats, pasta, flour, breads, crackers, cheeses, milk, eggs, chips, cookies, candies, cakes…I really mean everything.

Fruits and vegetables are soaked in toxic pesticides and herbicides. If you buy the ones that are already cut up you, they are also sprayed with other toxic chemicals that prevent them from going brown, withering or spoiling. Organic ones are also sprayed with natural but just as toxic pesticides and herbicides too. Read more about toxic organic produce here.

Meats are from animals given toxic hormones, antibiotics, corn feed and raised under intensely stressful and inhumane conditions where they don’t have room to graze or even move, which causes them to release stress hormones. So we’re buying meat, milk, eggs, butter, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, cream cheese and other dairy filled with these toxins.

All products made with flour are made from wheat drenched in toxic RoundUp and later bleached. This includes flour, pasta, bread, wraps, crackers, croutons, cookies, cake, pastries, etc. Read more about toxic wheat here.

Most packaged foods like soups, TV dinners, chips, snacks, cold cuts, hot dogs and quick fix meals are loaded with MSG, which leads to obesity and diabetes. Read more about toxic MSG here.

Cured meats like cold cuts, hot dogs and bacon are loaded with toxic nitrites, even if they say they don’t contain nitrites.

Sodas, fruit juices, jams, jellies, cakes, cookies, sweets, even breads, ketchup and more are loaded with high fructose corn syrup that leads to diabetes. And those with real sugar aren’t that much better…they lead to metabolic syndrome too.

Margarine, oils, cookies, cakes, crackers, snacks and so many other products are loaded with unhealthy vegetable oils, artificial fats and more that lead to heart disease.

The point of this article isn’t to just scare you though. I want to encourage you to be more aware of what you are buying and to buy from local farmer’s markets where you are more likely to find healthier options from your local farms. And also grow some of your own food. Yes, even in a small apartment, you can grow tomatoes, carrots, lettuce and more.

For help understanding what ingredients to avoid, use this ingenious reference guide.

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