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Feel Better With Just One Mineral

Studies have shown the wide array of amazing health benefits of this mineral. As expected, because it is a mineral, supplementation with it significantly increases bone mineral content. The Center for Disease Control found that people with a high intake of this mineral tend not to have metabolic syndrome—the risk factors for obesity, hypertension, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. So it is no surprise then that other studies show that this mineral lowers blood pressure, reduces the risk of getting cancer, lowers inflammation and protects against type 2 diabetes. In diabetics, those with higher levels of this mineral have less complications. Also, this mineral is an extremely effective treatment for depression and premenstrual syndrome plus premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). Supplementation with it is used to improve the symptoms of ADD and ADHD. Increasing consumption of this mineral is one way to prevent gallstones.

What is it? Magnesium! Sixty percent of American adults don’t get enough magnesium, plus magnesium deficiencies are common in alcohol drinkers, people with poor nutrient absorption, diabetics with ketoacidosis, people on certain medications and people who have undergone surgery or blood transfusions. The best food sources for magnesium are whole grains, legumes, green leafy vegetables, tofu and…best of all, chocolate. Unfortunately, magnesium absorption is low under ideal conditions (only about 33-50% of the magnesium ingested is absorbed by the body), and it is inhibited even further if taken with fiber, whole grains, nuts or seeds. Therefore the magnesium naturally found in whole grains and vegetables is hardly absorbed in our digestive tracts. How frustrating!

Since so little magnesium is actually absorbed by the body, the kidneys have to work very hard to get rid of the excess. Therefore, oral magnesium supplements are not always the best way to go. So what is the best source of magnesium then? I personally take a liquid magnesium citrate supplement that I buy as a powder and mix with water.

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