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The Real Problem With Wheat: Beyond Gluten

Wheat allergies and gluten intolerance are becoming more common in our modern society. Many people ask, “Why is this happening?” The answer has been purposely hidden all this time. But I’ve found it. It’s not because wheat is genetically modified, though a lot of people suspect that, and I did too until I found this information.

A few days before harvesting wheat, farmers drench the wheat in the herbicide RoundUp to get a bigger yield and to make harvesting easier. RoundUp and other similar herbicides that wheat are sprayed with contain the ingredient glyphosate. This toxic chemical helps the wheat release more seeds, helping farmers have a greater yield. But the toxic effects on the human body are real.

Here’s why glyphosate is causing wheat allergies and intolerance: it kills beneficial bacteria in our intestines. And yes, if we take probiotics, it will kill them too. Beneficial bacteria in the gut are necessary not only for immunity, but also to keep the gut and rest of the body in balance. Without them, inflammation develops in the gut, which leads to gut permeability, now called leaky gut syndrome. This is the precursor to auto-immune diseases like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. The lack of beneficial bacteria can also cause systemic inflammation, which leads to other chronic health conditions.

The solution? If you’re not already allergic or intolerant to wheat, then buy wheat that is not drenched in RoundUp to prevent future health problems. An example is Jovial Eikorn wheat products; they sell wheat berries, flour, pasta and cookies.

Of course, if you want to go wheat free/gluten free check out this great resource.


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